Friday, January 30, 2015

Summer Hokkaido - Otaru

*While typing away the post, my hair is dyed with triple coloured waiting to be washed. Kind of excited of the outcome*

In Otaru, I didn't get to enjoyed much of what do Otaru has to offer when I'm there with expectations after doing some research about the place. Reason being because the moment we reach Otaru, the storm begins as if warning us not to step into this lovely small town.

It rained literally the whole day till the night that I ended have to take a night shots of the Otaru Canal from my hotel's window, half worrying that my tripod will just suicide together with my beloved cammie onto the road. T_T

Probably, the only shots that I can get to offer about the Otaru street is this ...

The Musical Box Hall ... I took this when I was waiting to cross the street with umbrella and strong wind hitting my face. Not too bad for a quick snap huh ... :D

We spent quite long inside since outside doesn't really welcome us. They really have all sorts of design of music box. You can even customised it, ok!!! 


 Dancing doll music "box" ... WANT!!

If only ......

they are ALL MINE!!!! But dad did get one for me as a birthday present. *grins*
After that, we brace the wind and rain and head to other stores for the famous bakery!!!

Otaru Kitakaro

Their popular one is the above, it's like a layer cake which is quite nice but I didn't bought it. Instead I got their cream puff .. Which is very very nice ...

Then, we went to LeTao, another famous bakery shop in Otaru for their famous cheesecake!! Mum got it as a birthday cake for me *double grins*

No close up photo of the cheesecake!! So here's one with me and ma beloveds xD

And this the first time that I celebrated my birthday overseas. In Japan. In Hokkaido. Best birthday so far...

Then, since it's still drizzling, so we can't really go out to walk around, so everyone decided to head back to room to rest. Me, feeling regret that I've carried my tripod all the way there and this is the part where I wished I could make it good. While sitting at the window, I realise I could risk it and this is what I got ..

Sadly, the street lights spoiled the picture :( Just imagine the lights are not there, it's quite nice kan the Canal view ..

Next morning, of course not going to waste any more opportunity, headed out to take a quick photo of the Canal.

 The Canal with the moody weather.

Oh ya, we were supposed to witness a festival that night but no thanks to angry weather, the festival has to call it off. :(
 The sea view with the moody clouds again.

Family photo! Kinda missing my long hair here.

Before leaving Otaru to our next stop, our guide drive us to this look out point of the sea which is definitely amazing.

Too lazy to caption. But the view there is just breathe-taking. 

That pretty much sums up my foot trail in Otaru. It's a small town but a town I seems to have yet to discover it.

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