Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy holiday

yeah . at last im free to blog ! wuahahaha ... so sorry my frens who is so longing for my updates ..

well , right after my exam , had a memorable trip to Redang with all my lovely college mates . there are 24 of us including me . they are : -

1. Adelee Ho (the organiser)
2. Christine Ang
3. Wee Ven
4. Sher Huey
5. Suan Li
6. Pei Li
7. Vern Yen
8. Elaine
9. Kacy
10. Yilian
11. Siu Hong
12. Lionel
13. Daniel
14. Chee Yuen
15. Tiger
16. Sui Yuan
17. Yong We
18. Liang J
19. Sheng Yuan
20. Hwa Loong
21. Kent
22. Choon Onn
23. Linus

I wuld lovely to name them all here because without them , i may not fully enjoy thise trip . with them , i really really enjoyed . from the bottom of my heart , i really wished that the time wuld stop ticking at the moment . ^.^v thanks guys ~ i love u guys !!! muah ! especially tkj , adelee , honghong n weeven whom were together all the time from the time we depart from KL to the time we arrive in KL .

oh ya .. for more details about the whole trip .. please link urself to siu hong n yong we's blog . they had a great detail of every moment we did in redang . for pics , maybe u guys can link to adelee or christine's blog . i'll upload some nice pics in the post together with the post on my trip to phuket .

k lah . tired to continue cuz just came back from Phuket norh . hehehe .. so .. do wait for my next post lorh for more stories n redang + phuket pics ~

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