Thursday, June 7, 2007

1 more to go ~

yeah . at last 3 out of 4 papers has finally over . well . do really hope there's miracle happen especially on my law paper . argh . pls pls pls . let me pass ~~

dis time really dun dare to put so much hope on ma law larh .. cuz wat i wrote into tat answer script , i know myself lorh . aih aih . really went thru depression after that paper . wuwuwuwu . anyway , now felt better d cuz wan cry , wan regret , wan angry oso no use lorh . guess the paper oso on the way to UK d . heeee . just hope watever ans i wrote will earn me some marks that is enough for me to pass . cuz i know i did kinda badly . argh . *note to self - dun think bout law d*

anyway ... 1 more paper , FMC will be on next wed . so i roughly got 5 days to just study on that . so , i guess i can cover the whole FMC thouroughly . today i really took a long rest . which i dun really had started study . heeee .. got to study later a bit . so that i dun regret again . ish ish .. go go go ~! 1 more n u're done ... ~!

as for some , they are enjoying their life d as they oni took 3 papers . n for those who taking 4 papers including myself , gambateh for 1 last time . n we gonna have our fun very soon . heee ... cant wait to go redang oh ..

well .. nothing to say much lah . just updating u guys on maself . hehehehe . ciaoz ... i'll update some more if i have anything to share ya . ^.^v

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