Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Party Time !!!!!

yeahhhh ~!! all i can say now is .. IT'S PARTY TIME oh ~! wuahahahaha .. nothing better to do so just announcing to all ma fwens ~ im free for at least 2 weeks !! so DO FEEL FREE TO CALL ME OUT ! ahahaha ..

coming up next ~
Thur - Sing K ! + celebrate Suan's bday .
Fri - Shopping !!! wohoo !
Sat - no plan yet . *shuld call those soh pohs n hou ji mui out* oh ya . better start packing for ma redang trip . heeee
Sun - Movie + Daddy's Day celebration + Trip to redang begins at Hentian Putra .
Mon 2 Thur - enjoying ma time with frens in redang
Fri - shuld be a resting day for me
Sat 2 Tues (i think) - resting in Phuket's beach with ma family

hmmmm ... look like im kinda pack with my "holidays" . ahahaha . anyway , for sure im gonna enjoy "gao gao" starting from TOMOLO ! so , those days where i have no plan n u guys got plan , do call me ya ^.^v

ciaoz for now .


Sui Yuan said...

Yay over liao. But hols lik too short. Redang trip take up half the holidays liao. I oso wana go out !!


chingyong said...

lol, ky fully utilize her holiday wei~

k@hy3@n said...

ahahaha . ya lorh ! short holiday . complain to sunway tes . heeee ..

must fully utilize de . ekeke . not now utilize when utilize worh .

chingyong said...

2 weeks enough liao lor, if 2 months hor, will *fat mou*.. then now utilize lor..

k@hy3@n said...

lol . of course 2 months too long lah .. but i think at least oso give 3 weeks larh . wuuu ..