Saturday, June 16, 2007

ok .. as for a start .. who wana guess who is dat in the sexy suit huh . hehehe . not really clear though . but try lah . i think shuld b quite easy bah . hehehehe ... jia you jia you ..

here goes my boring story ~~

yesterday (friday) , me , honghong , tkj , adelee n weeven went to 1u to shop lu . ekeke . planED to buy swim suit and surf pants .. oh ya before that ..

we went to redbox on the day before (thursday) to celebrate suan li's bday at redbox lu . hehe .. sang as much as we culd .
the most funny part was .. me n adelee wanted to sing "chao xi huan ni" .. mana tau .. cannot sing . something wrong la .. so , adelee was like so gek .. cancel the song n select again . still cannot . so , went to the guys room to select again . still cannot . ahahaha . kelian de adelee .. tsk tsk tsk ..
then this time , as usual our "tradition" of smashing the cake into the bday baby . heeeee .. n dis time , kelian de suan li , beside of being smashed , she got to eat sushi that is with super lor wasabi . she eat till she vomit out the sushi . kelian . but she din cry ler . ish ish . out of expectation .
after that , tkj wanted to watch the Fantastic 4 .. so , me , tkj , adelee , honghong , weeven n tingting went to watch lu . hehehe . the movie was nice . *thumbs up*

kk .. back to the friday's story line . wahahahaha ..
so , me went to fetch ma lou gong then oni go 1u lu . hehehehe . we reached there 1st as tkj n the rest was stuck in the traffic jam . so , me n honghong start to shop around lu . ahahaha . then , not long after that , they oso reach le . b4 start our motive of shopping , i suggested that we shuld eat 1st cuz im hungry . din eat breakfast . XD ...
wana guess how long we decide where n wat to eat ? wana guess how many time we walk pass a shop .. let say .. "The Chicken Rice shop" .. u all guys slowly think la har .. ahahahahaha .. i really cant imagine we did that . >.<
after eating at The Waffles World which ended up the decision was made by honghong as he eat vegetarian food dat day , started off by trying out swimsuit at jusco lu . ahahhaa ..
adelee will be the champion for trying out the MOST swim suit . hahahaha .. end up how ? let her blog herself bah . heeee ..
then , since adelee , tkj n weeven went to u-parkson to look for more swim suit . so , me n honghong went walking around n we end up bought
1 . aroma for the room (i think that wat u call .. sudden mental block . ekekek )
2 . facial mask
5 of us even bought the same slippers . ahahaha .. guess we r the PA gang . la la la ~

ok lah .. i think is enuf of crapping le . was writing this post n chatting . so i think i took bout 1 hour to finish to post . wahahaha . pai seh . roughly is like dat lu . wan know more can read on siuhong's blog lu . heeeee . :P

i'll be back 1 week later . do miss me ya . ^.^v

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