Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 !!!

2008 without realising has ended with all the sweet and sad memories . But i guess , 2008 was another great year for me. Lots of things happening and it will always be safely kept in my heart :D

2009 .. A great start by celebrating the 1st second of 2009 together with my beloved college frens . We had our last moment of 2008 at Empress Cafe @ The Curve . Had drinks and chit chatting . Looking at people passing by . The hot chicks .. Can't really see any hot guys . *sigh* Oh oh .. Before that watched "Yes Man" with ah xuxu .. XD

No pictures yet since all pictures are taken by HongHongTan . So have to wait for him to upload it to Facebook before i can copy it and posted it here . ^.^

Hmm .. let me see .. this year i would say going to be a different stage of life as I would be stepping into the working life for the very 1st time in my life ... So, i hope i would have a new start of my next stage of life . Nothing much just hope to have more surprises this year .. LOL . Since this year i would be 21st !! Another big day to look for :D

Last but not least ..
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