Sunday, January 18, 2009

S'pore Xmas & New Year Eve

Finally , Im back to this HOT country after staying in a country not only is in their winter but is BELOW zero degree celsius. I definitely will blog in details about it . Not only to share with all my friends but also as a saving of my memory in here . But before that , I think i shall blog a bit of my Singapore Xmas and also New Year Eve celebration which I should have done it long ago . Hehehe ... So, bear with me on the Korea Trip first ya .. :D

Singapore Xmas

Decided to drove down to Singapore with family . Had lunch somewhere in Johor . Introduced by ah sou for the famous bitter gout's soup . For a person who don't like bitter gout , I just find it normal as i REALLY don't like the taste of bitter gout .

After lunch , we straight headed to the custom and into Singapore. Had our first stop at the Orchid garden as Dad trying to get the signal from satelite for the GPS so that we can go to our hotel .. Rather it's a budget hotel , Hotel 81 at Little India .

After settling our luggages in the hotel , we walked for about 10mins to monorail station and take the monorail to Orchard Road since that day is Christmas , so Orchard Road is the most happening place that everyone should go and have a look .

I just like this candid shoot XD

Walked around the orchard road , enjoyed the night scenary . Had our dinner at McDonald's since we don't know what to have so just have a simple dinner .

Then , when we reached back to India Street . We are abit hungry so wanted to have supper and walked into this Indian fast food restaurant . Just like our mamak here , they sell roti prata (aka roti canai) etc etc .. But it's a fast food style . Although it's fast food but i can loudly say it's so much more nicer that the mamak here . Maybe because it's from pure India style ??? I don't know but i'm just loving it especially the teh tarik because they use REAL milk instead of the creamer .
Indian toilet sign

The next day , we went to Science Centre and spend almost the whole day in there .. Just like any other small kid . We played around .. XD


On the 3rd day , spent the whole day in Sentosa Island . Didn't do much as the weather was hot and we spend alot of time queuing . =.=! We tried the 4D motion , CineBlast . It was nothing much as compared to things in Disneyland and we spent time just queuing up under the hot sun . Ish Ish ....

Guan Yin Temple

Monorail into sentosa

A must take Merlion

Effect of queueing under hot sun .....


They are just good poser , don't you agree ?

A never old in the heart

Roughly that's all about it . Nothing much that I can talk about since Singapore is a place where almost everyone is familiar with . So there is not much of introduction that I should do .. XD

New Year Eve & Elaine Birthday Celebration

On the 31st , Elaine suggested to have countdown together with as much collegemates as we can this time round . So, we decided to have this happy celebration at The Curve . Before that , watched Yes Man @ Midvalley . Then , went to The Curve to join my collegemates for the celebration ...

1st January is a big celebration all over the world . But it is also a BIG day for my dear fren , Elaine as she also turned 21 on that day ... I hope that is the greatest celebration that we all frens can give her for her BIG BIG day of 21 ... :D

Had drinks at The Empress Cafe while waiting for the time to tick to 12am and enjoyed the fireworks . It was really nice but is abit too near to watch it . I really feel happy as I am able to had my very first New Year countdown with my collegemates .. I really love it and I missed all of them very much .... Wonder how are they doing now ...

photos are credited to Mr HongHongTan

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