Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Miss Them

As usual , clicking through all my beloved fren's blog ... And i realised it's been quite sometimes that i have not visited this once who is the closest friend's blog ..

I knew her since I was Form 1 together with another friend . Since that day , we always hang out together with the both of them the most . They are Jo Ann and Britannia . Although , starting from Form 3 , I was not in the same class with them anymore , but we still hang out together during the recess time . Then , during around Form 4 like that (i think) , Britannia had to transfer to another school . Since then , I have not really see her and what a lousy friend I am , I did not even tried to keep in touch with her =( I really wonder how is she doing now .

Lucky for JoAnn , both of them do still keep in touch , as far as i know . But still I did not be the best as a friend whom when my dear JoJo who went through lots of ups and downs awhile ago . I hated myself for not being there with her . Maybe now we do look like far apart , but deep down inside me , I still misses them . I hope very soon , 3 of us could get together again to update each other abour ourselves . :D

I shall treasure this coming CNY by give them a call at least ^.^

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