Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Korea Trip - Part I

1st day - Jeju Island

Touched down at Incheon International Airport , Seoul at around 7am Korea's local time . Before the landing , the captain for the flight announced that the temperature in Seoul is -9 degree celsius ... Everyone's face expression was like , "WHAT !!! NEGATIVE ??!!" . But for me , I was kinda excited with the cold weather .

After going through all the customs clearing , met our local tour guide , Peter . He can speak Mandarin fluently as according to him , he studied in Taiwan and lived there for about 12 years . However , not good in English though . Not just him , all the Korean citizen are really really bad in English . They are just good in their own language and maybe Japanese .

Right after that , we straight headed to another airport to take a domestic flight into Jeju Island . Reached Jeju Island , had our very first Korean meal . It was ok for the first time as it is something new like kimchi and stuff .

Snow is everywhere on the way to another airport

Our first meal in Korea .. Yummylicious

Then , went to our first tourist attraction . It was this optical illusion where the road seems to be go uphill but the fact is it is going downhill . We had an experiment to proof it whereby mr driver off his engine and put it in free gear . Although we looked like it should be going uphill but the bus itself is rolling . It proofs that it is actually going downhill .. There are 3 places in this world with such amazing and unbelievable attraction .

Looks like going uphill right ? The bus actually has off its engine and in free gear but still the bus is still moving .

Daddy trying to proof that it is optical illusion

Not forgetting the beautiful scenary around it

Then , the next stop would be to a museum showing the history of Jeju Island as well as the living of Korean people . It was like attending a history class but i can assure you , with the interesting story from our tour guide , Peter , I really listened all the way . ^.^ How I wished our Sejarah teacher here was as interesting as him . Then , maybe i won't Sejarah so much in those days . XD

Oranges that you can find even just by the road side

Left : Rocks that are formed by the explosion of volcano
Right : "Tuluhalubang" or something sounds like that

Left : Half Moon Bear
Right : Mini Horse

According to people in Jeju , if you eat the mini horse's leg's bone , it will actually help us human to have a strong bone as well . Im not pretty sure about that but they say it can be seen on the old ladies in the island as most of them who is in their 60s and above , they are still able to walk straight and not bended .

The last stop for the day before dinner would be the underground shopping center XD I actually managed to get myself 1 teddy bear shirt and 1 turtle neck shirt .. LOL .. In just within an hour or so , i managed to grab something for myself .. Hehehehe ...

2nd day - Jeju Island

Morning woke up and mama opened the curtain and realised outside is covered with white snow as the yesterday , it still not yet snow in Jeju Island . According to Peter , Jeju snowed at around 4 / 5 am .

So , definitely a happy girl i am getting ready for the 2nd day in korea. Oh yeah , the night before i also managed to grab myself a new winter jacket as well as the cap . Hehehe .. So definitely absolutely I AM HAPPY ...

Went to a restaurant for breakfast .. I guess I am a lucky girl as while we were enjoying our breakfast , looked through the window , it started snowing again . All of us was so excited that we hurrily finish our breakfast and run out of the shop .

Snow is everywhere !!!!!!

Today , we will be going to this mountain which is formed out from the sea caused by the volcano explosion . We had to climb i-dunno-how-many-metre high up to enjoy the beautiful scenary of Jeju Island as well as able to see the fisherman village . The higher you clime , the view is more nicer . However , maybe becaused of the strong wind with the weak me , just a few steps away to the top , but i planned to stop where i had reached . Head was dizzy and i refused to walked further even just that few steps as I need to climb those slightly steep stairs . To add it more worst , it is covered with ice .. So, it is really slippery and there are peoples who keep just slip off . So, it's quite dangerous if you do not walk carefully . Anyway , all the hard work definitely will pay off :D

Mum found it the dustbin is cute , so took a shot of it XD

"No matter how cold or how tough , I will reach to the top"

Dad : Yay !!! I successfully reached the top and you did not :P
Mama : I feel like i am flying now ~ Wohooo ~~~

I know you guys missed me too .. So FEW shots of me besides enjoying the scenary XD

I know i know .. Im a poser ... Ahahahaha *blush*

After climbing up the hill or the mountain , reached back to the land , there is this famous ice-cream stall selling the famous ice-cream . So, all of us decided to have a bite . Some people may think it's crazy to eat ice-cream at such cold weather . But i tell you , that's the best thing that you ever want to do in a cold day . Firstly , your ice-cream would not melt cuz it's below zero degree . Secondly , you definitely won't feel very cold but you will be enjoying it very much .

Then , we stopped by at I think it's a garden where flowers should bloom during the spring and inside there there is some buddhism things in it . So, take a walk although it's cold and it's snowing all day long . But enjoyed it ... First time playing under snow for so long XD

Us with laughing buddha

Our tour guide , Christina and Peter

Then there is path where a cave is formed and inside there is this wishing stone or similar to that where if you believe it , you make your wishes while rounding it right 3 times , left 3 times , then 3 of your wishes would come true within these years .. Whether we believed or not , we just a fun and tried doing it ...

Dragon and Dragon girl

Left : That's the wishing stone that im talking about

Oh . They also have this small cactus garden .. Their cactus are enormous.

Then , our lunch, we had black fur pork as the main dish with few cold dishes like the kimchi around it . Basically that's how they eat for every meal . Just like our steamboat , where the put meats into it , make it cooked then you eat with some soup it . It is not oily.. I guess that's why they called it as healthy way of eating ..

After lunch , just beside the restaurant , there is this village where the olden days' Jeju peoples stayed in . They still stayed in there but due to the winter , they were asked to moved away , as burning logs to keep their warm is dangerous as the house is made of logs , trees etc ...

Black Fur Pig

This is how the olden days get waters for washing mainly

Left : The empty basket is where they let their new born BOY babies sleep in . GIRL babies have no right to use that .. That's terrible , isn't it
Right : Their main gate

After that , Peter brought us to see a small waterfall . I don't really understand we had to see that waterfall as I don't see anything interesting there .. Ekekeke.. So nothing much to talk about there . Oh .. I bought a shades there XD

At night , our last attraction is to see this dragon formed rock .. Peter said that it is nicer to see at night because with the lightings and everything , the dragon looks fabolous . But he forgot we are Malaysians who don't really stay in cold weather , imagining the temperature has fallen down and with the super strong wind from the sea .. =.=! A lot of the members actually gave up walking down to see that dragon ... Lucky i went .. It was really beautiful . But it was at night , so the picture taken was not that clear ..

Last but not least for the day , we had yummy yummy shashimi for dinner . :D The fish and the seafoods are sooo fresh ....

Taken before going out for dinner as the bus driver stops us at the hotel to put our things first

3rd day - Seoul

Flew back to Seoul . So, morning is gone for the flying . Reached there , had lunch .. This time round , we had ginseng chicken soup with mee for lunch . No comment . It was delicious that everyone of us finished eating one whole chicken .. Well , their chicken was small XD So one person one whole chicken lu .

Then , we are brought to here , KimChi school to learn how to make KimChi .. I did not really listen in detail the processes . And we were given an opportunity to make our kimchi , which is the 5% of the processes where we have to put the sauce over the cabbage ... After doing that , we also had the chance to wear their Korean traditional costumes and take pictures .

KimChi lovers ~~

Do we look nice ???

After that , again it's shopping time . The famous Dongdaemun .. If some of you who don't know that place , it's something like Sg Wang, Lot 10 etc .. It sells not branded shirts but it's in-trend ... Did know really know what to buy as we were only give one and half hour to shop . So, just a quick shopping and bought some necklace and souveniors as well ...

Dinner time .. Starts to get abit bored with the foods already as almost every lunch and dinner , the style it's the same .. The picture below are just almost the same for every lunch and dinner except mayb the main dishes are like pork , seafoods , etc ...

At night , we went to this Lotte World .. It is actually an indoor theme park which is very big . We are given tickets where we can play for 5 different rides .. For the first 3 rides , Peter brought us all together to have a ride ..

There were also this parade where they were dressed up beautifully and their whole body or clothes have lighting on it .

The Parade

The ang mo some more purposely pose for me to him a picture .. LOL

Above is the first ride we took where according to Peter , the Lotte spent the most on it which cost them almost about billion won or USD . Can't really remember the cost . Anyway , I find it just normal where you took a ride and there's a story which you'll be following (but all is in korean language), then there is this sudden slope where you'll fall downwards and you get shocked and your shocked face is taken and they sell you the photos =.=!

They too have outdoor themepark where more exciting and thrilling rides are . But outside is too cold that not many people is outside . Just took the castle when taking the monorail ride .

Another 2 rides remaining , we decided to go for this Drunken Basket . It is something like the tea cup that you have in Sunway Lagoon .. I just can't stop laughing seeing mama's expression when me and daddy tried to make her dizzy and see how she walks after that XD

Mama also has that evil eyes neh ...

Cute lil girl who is trying to talk on the phone XD

Oh oh .. They also have this laser show where they use the walls in the indoor as their background . The story is about the Zeus god i think . But everything is in korean , so i can't really understand what they are trying to say . So , i just enjoyed the animation .

Then , me and parents wanted to have 4D ride for our last choice . However , it is closed for maintenance, so we saw the bumper car and we went ahead .. Funnily, the girl who is in charged said that 1 ticket can be used by 4 ppl .. So, we actually just used 1 ticket and there is 2 extra ticket left .. So, me and mama went to have a ride at the merry-go-round .. Hehehe ...

Didn't realise that both of them had the same pose .. LOL .. So kawaiii ...

I guess i'll stop here for now before I continue for Part 2 ... Hehehe .. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it although Im trying to summarise it .. Hehehehe ..


Honghongtan said...

OMG !!!

yalu ma dad say the same thing too after few days of having the same thing we actually quite happy when we have western style breakfast in one of the hotel ! we were like yay no more kimchi ! HAHAHAHA !

i miss that ginseng chicken most !

oh oh pak mou has that evil eyes too =p

u got so many leng leng pic !HAHA !

can't wait to see teddy post !

k@hy3@n said...

sounds like u more happy than me sia !! ISH ISH ..

the ginseng chicken ..
it's really yummylicious neh ..
wished I can eat it again

No more kimchi ??
my fridge still got about 5 packets of kimchi !
OMG OMG !!!!

purposely dun wan pose teddy bear pic XD

chingyong said...

my eng better than korean and japanese or not? hahahhaha.. the sea also snow lai de ar?

because snow slippery then can move is it the bus?

yaya, cold weather eat ice cream very shuang! here melt like crazy lor after few minutes..

aiyer still got 重男轻女 one meh? some more in korea.. =.="

shuang leh korea!! didnt take much pictures of the *zhar bor* there? leng lui?

k@hy3@n said...

ahaha .. ur eng .. msian eng definitely are way better than theirs lo

no larh !! nothing to do with the snow lerrr ...

ahaha .. yeah lo !! ice-cream !

last time larh .. now modern life , not so d larh ..but still de man there very "da nan ren" lo

ahaha .. the zhar bor there all looked the same to me ..
square face , small eyes =.=