Thursday, January 29, 2009

Korea Trip - Part II

3rd Day - Ski Resort

Today was suppose to be the best day of all .. As today I WILL BE SKIING .....

BUT ............................

it was sadly to sad .. i did managed to ski =( Why ?? Let me tell you why in just a moment .

Before us depart to the Ski Resort from Seoul , we visited the current presidential area , or to be simple , something like our Putrajaya , where the President had his activity had like meetings etc etc ... Just beside the presidential area , it was their palace .. Most of it had been destroyed by the Japanese attack . So, nothing much left and some of the buildings had been rebuild . So, it is not an actual old palace .

Oh oh .. Saw these small kids who is learning their history outdoor .. Hmm , i wonder why i never enjoy my history class like the way the kids above do ..

Just us at the palace :D

After that , we then were suppose to visit a famous casino . I don't know why it is famous anyway , I AM ABLE TO ENTER AS THEIR AGE LIMIT IS 20 AND ABOVE .. and so there am I 1st time , in a real casino .. XD Anyway , dad say if anyone been to Genting casino , all these casinos is nothing .. LOL .. Well , i guess i have till after my birthday this year so that I can have a visit to Uncle Lim's casino lu ...

Anyway , at that time , mama already not feeling well when we were visiting the palace . Same goes to me when we reached the casino . I felt like vomitting so just had a quick visit in the casino and sat down to have a rest . Along the way in the bus , I was feeling awful . By the time , I reached the shop where we were supposed to rent those ski jackets and pants , I almost tell dad I don't want to ski . When everyone got down from the bus , well you know what happen next to me in the bus XD . So after "that" , i felt much better , so i decided to go for the skiing thinking after flying so far , the main reason to Korea are because of skiing besides shopping .

So, with my not-so-strong determination , I rented those jacket and pants . Reached the ski resort . The resort that we are staying are just one street away from the skiing place . Can even just open our windows in our room and see people skiing . Had our luggages put in our room and get ready to ski ... Mum was already down , so she had a rest in the room while dad accompanied me to the skiing place .

Got the skiing boot for my feet , the skiing equipment . Wore the boot , getting ready to walk into the snows .. Oh ya .. the boots were damn heavy lorh ... Walk also like a robot =.=! Anyway , walked into the snows , took a group picture , walked further to the beginner place ie NOT sloppy side of the skiing , our tour leaded thought us all the positions , how to stop , how to turn left turn right .. Oh yeah .. I learned everything THEORETICALLY. When he say that it was our turn to put our boots on the ski board , my head , my body told me that I CAN'T DO IT .. My head starts to turn . I tried my best to stay as long as i could . But i really can't . So, finally with a big disappointment in my heart , I headed back to the resort and have a good rest .... =)

Even during the night , it was still "people mountain people sea"

Taken on the next day ...

4th Day : Mt. Sorak

PS : Kind a had a bad hair day . So, do ignore my messy hair for the day XD

I guess this is the part that you guys have been waiting for ...

To avoid the post being too long , so i'll cut short in writing and let you guys enjoy the pictures ya :D . So, that day , we shift again to Mt Sorak . Our first destination of the day was the Teddy Bear Farm . Clearly stated, so it is full with bears inside .. Enjoy XD

How was it ?? Satisfied .. I alread kept my "words" silence for that few minutes XD

Then , we visited the national park . Inside this national park , there is this 2 REAL half moon bear that i think i mentioned earlier before this . Anyway , there is totally no chance to see these bears as this time they are hibernating and the Koreans are expecting a new baby bear after this hibernation season .. Awww .. I so want to see a baby bear ...

The park was surrounded by mountains and it was definitely beautiful scenary . It is also a place for buddhist where there is Buddha hoping that one day both North and South Korea will be together again in peace .. ^.^ Let's pray for that too ya ...

The last stop for the day is the Fish Market .. Well , you see nothing else but people selling all the seafoods like fishes , sotong , octopus etc lu ..

Joke of the day :
A malaysian went to Korea asking our dear tour guide whether has he eaten a "sotong" (malay word for cuttlefish) . So, the tour guide ie Peter had a kind of face expression and say he had not tried it before . The malaysian continue boasting telling Peter that "sotong" is a nice and delicious food to eat . How could he never try before ... Peter continues to show his surprised face ...

Sotong is a malay word for cuttlefish, right ??
According to Peter , the word "so tong", in a Korean language, it means "human shit"

And that is why when Peter heard the word for the 1st time , he was shocked and thinking that Malaysian eat "shit" XD

The beautiful scenary that can be see from our apartment .. Isn't it beautiful ?

5th Day : Seoul

Finally , we are heading back again to Seoul .. It took us almost 3 to 4 hours to reach Seoul from Mt Sorak and all the way back , it was snowing heavily ... So, when the bus stop for a rest at a stop place , all of us got down for toilet break , have a hot coffee and play snow like we never play before XD

After the cold weather outside , everyone went inside the store and surrounded the hot steam made out of the burning chacoal .. Ekekeke ... In hot weather , we look for aircond , in cold weather , we look for heater .. LOL ..

Reached Seoul, had barbeque for lunch .. Yummylicious ...

Did nothing much for that day except the usual factory visiting . Went to their famous ginseng shop , crystal shop . Oh , we do also visited a village i would called it where the last Queen of Korea lived in before she was brought to the palace at the age of 13 .

Man made little snowman by mama .. Hehehehe

During the night , we visited another famous shopping place but more branded things are sold , Myeongdong . Had our own dinner as it is not included in the package. After that , about 10 of us with our own money , went to watch Nanta, a famous stage show in Korea . (will talk about it in the future if you guys are curious what it is). Oh oh .. I bought some necklaces and earrings there . And and .. I also bought a pair of boots XD

The hotel we stayed for 2 nights in Seoul

Last day - Seoul then back to Msia

Again , visited some factories . Beauty shop lo . Oh , we also went to this beauty academy where they teached us how to wash our face to make up step by step .. LOL .. Even all the mans took part in the activity . AHahaha ...

Our last stop before going to the airport is another shopping place . Can't recall the name . Paiseh . But it is situated nearby a quite famous university , i think .. Get to grab some turtle neck shirts again XD

Daddy with his dunno-what expression

Mama who insisted to take with the toilet sign

Us with the great photographer who took absolutely nice pictures

Mr Driver who had hard and tiring day especially during the snowing day . Thank you Mr Driver !!

And me hereby will put a full stop for my Korea Trip . Hope you guys did enjoyed reading or at least the photos ^.^


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wah. so nice! so envious!
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